How Smart Are You with Money?

It’s been said that if you want to know what’s most important to someone, take a look at their bank account. Whatever they spend the most money on is the thing they care about the most. If you take that same test a bit further, it becomes something like a financial IQ test. How smart you are with your money will reveal itself with how well you manage it.

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Livestock Loans from First Independent Bank

Your ag business needs your expertise looking out for it. And you need people to be helping to make that possible. Livestock loans from First Independent Bank are one way to make that happen. 

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Find the Right Financial Partner!

With First Independent Bank, customers have a partner through any season of life. Whether just starting out or finally taking steps toward things that once seemed impossible, First Independent Bank has the team and the tools to move you in the right direction. Our team of bankers and lending experts walk closely with young people, families, business owners, and entrepreneurs, helping them discover and utilize the opportunities available to them.

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Weathering the Storm of Low Prices on Bushels of Corn

With the varying costs of corn (with incremental increases to nearly $3.75 a bushel in late 2018), the question inevitably must be answered: How do I weather the storm of low costs per bushel of corn?

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Farm Land Sales through First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we have been partnering with farmers and landowners for over a century, giving them access to the tools and resources they need to successfully manage their Ag operation. A local bank with investment in our local communities, we have the ability to partner with Ag business owners at any stage of their business.

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Crop Input Loans from First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we partner with farming operations across Southern and Central Minnesota, helping them find the right financing solution for their equipment, operations, crop input, and expansion. 

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How FIB Partners With You: Personal Lending

At First Independent Bank, we know what it takes to keep a busy life moving forward. In between the responsibilities of day-to-day and the preparation for some-day-in-the-future is the opportunity to make today all that it should be. That's where personal loans from FIB come in. 

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Ag Lending from First Independent Bank

At First Independent Bank, we understand that there is a difference between understanding business and understanding Ag business. By partnering with local farming operations and getting to know the farmers and business leaders in our area, our loan specialists are more than employees of a bank.

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3 Ways to Afford the Life You Want

Buying a home. Going to college. Owning a cabin. We also want to help people live securely with checking, savings, and lending solutions that work with the pace and budgets of their lives.

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Your Child’s First Savings Account

Parents have an essential and unique role in their children’s lives when it comes to money. It's both good and bad.

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