Three Powerful Benefits of Working with a Local Bank

At First Independent Bank, you may know our tagline, “Big Enough to Know Business. Small Enough to Know You.” But what do we mean by that, exactly? To us, it speaks to the many benefits of working with a local community bank. Here’s how those benefits translate for our customers.

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Megabank advertising suggests they have the upper hand in product and service offerings, but that simply isn’t true. At First Independent Bank, we offer the same services and products as our competitors, including online and mobile banking. And because of our local knowledge, we can tailor our services and products to match our local customer base's needs.

Local Decision-Making

First Independent Bank decisions are made locally instead of at a corporate headquarters; decisions can be made faster and more efficiently, making your transactions easier, especially when borrowing money.

When megabanks might be unwilling to fund your local business, investment property, or agriculture loan, First Independent Bank is accustomed to evaluating loans within our community and doing whatever we can to support our local businesses.

Personal Service

At First Independent Bank, you’re more than a number. Our employees form deeper relationships with their customers, leading to higher quality service and flexible decision making. Many of our employees have grown up in the area, and we pride ourselves on serving our neighbors and giving our customers the attention they need every time.

Community Involvement

Local banks are an integral part of small communities; they reinvest local dollars back into the community and help create local jobs. First Independent Bank’s relationship banking philosophy is ingrained in the way we do business, one loan—one customer—at a time.
We are proud that our local reinvestment helps small businesses grow and helps families finance major purchases and build financial security.


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Big enough to know business. Small enough to know you. Click here to learn more about our services, or stop by any location to see how we can help you.

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