Coronavirus Scams to Look Out For

Scams Related to Coronavirus

In the midst of the COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis and its worldwide impact, online scammers have adapted their strategies and tactics to try to exploit concerned citizens. Make sure you never give personal information to someone who calls you over the phone or contacts you via email, and remember that First Independent Bank will NEVER ask you to confirm personal information, account numbers, or passwords over the phone.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of an email or phone call you’ve received, we can help you. Contact us if you have any questions or want to discuss a suspicious request, phone call, or email.

Some Scams to Watch Out For:

 WHO Email

There is a scam circulating where somebody impersonating an official from the World Health Organization will attempt to gather personal information from people. The purpose of gathering this information, according to the scammers, is to collect descriptions of symptoms, sicknesses, medications, and treatments from people who are susceptible to COVID-19/Coronavirus. Once that information is collected, the scam then seeks victims’ personal information for their “database.” 

Checks from the Government

There is a scam circulating where somebody attempts to gather personal information, checking or savings account details, and social security information from people, telling them that confirmation of this information is necessary in order for stimulus checks to be deposited safely and effectively. Some are also saying you must pay a minimal fee in order to receive your stimulus check.

Remember that the US Government, Social Security Administration, FTC, WHO, or any other organization will never call you and ask for any of this information. If somebody has called you and asked you for this information, do not give it to them. And if you have any questions or concerns about the requests being made, let us know. We can help you avoid scams and protect your identity and your money.

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